Refrigerator 6

MCMFriday, October 30, 2015

As promised, each month, I combine all the Droplet Fiction stories that have been released into one luscious gift pack bursting with literary goodness. And to continue with a tradition of yesteryear, this assortment of insanity is known as Refrigerator, because you can't give me a good reason why not to call it that.

This month's edition, Refrigerator 6, combines the following fun stories for your amusement:

Martian Idiots

Convincing people to live on Mars is hard enough, but I've been roped into the promotions game by having to fake a cat-and-mouse game with a noted "survivalist" who's broadcasting his "exciting exploits" back to Earth. There's just one problem with this plan: I killed the guy.

Downside: I have to pretend to be an outdoorsy dunce on Mars, lighting fires and catching squirrels or whatever it is he thought he was gonna do.

Upside: I get to pretend to be an outdoorsy dunce on Mars. This is going to be fun!

The Archivists: Valerie I

When a murder throws a regional office into turmoil, crisis management expert Valerie De Smedt is sent in to get things back on track, and fast. After all, the Archivists have been diligently recording history for over ten thousand years; a legacy that cannot fail for any reason, no matter how tragic. But she soon discovers that the legacy she's protecting may be dangerously intertwined with the murder itself, in ways that may be deadly to unravel.

The Bellhop Plot

Lennie is pushed to the limit when a stakeout leads to a secondary case with hundreds of victims: an unscrupulous banker, swindling thousands from unsuspecting blue collar workers. But Lennie is quickly faced with a dilemma: to save the day, she may have to leave the case unsolved!

Cutest Little Thing

When Renny receives a mysterious package in the mail, it seems like someone mistakenly sent him an adorable bobblehead from Japan. His friends think it's the cutest thing ever... until it comes to life and starts brutally hunting them for sport. Now, the only way to avoid a gruesome end is to figure out the rules that govern this giggling little monster, and to find a way to get the demon back in the box.

Some cuteness is best seen from a distance. And through bulletproof glass.

Take a look, and enjoy!

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