2009 is the Year of the Doing

MCMThursday, January 1, 2009

As I noted on Twitter yesterday, I spent nearly all of 2008 preparing for 2009. Between "RollBots", "The Vector", "Cookies for Christmas" and "Dustrunners: Typhoon", I haven't done much in the last 12 months that hasn't been put on a shelf for later exploration. It's mind-blowingly frustrating having to sit on things that long. Even if you're actively working on them (as with RollBots).

That said, this year is looking exciting already. I've got a calendar of the next 12 months mapped out with deadlines, process schedules and release dates to make your head spin. I'm pretty sure I'll slip on at least 50% of these things, but I'm going to try. So the things to note for the next 3 months, in chronological order:

Pig and the Box Version 2: The revised version of The Pig and the Box will be released January 28, complete with a new cover, a fantastic quote from Cory Doctorow, and a few text revisions that I'll yak about later. With any luck, this new version will be purchasable in most countries around the world, rather than just from the US Amazon, which has been bugging me.

RollBots Premiere: I will be attending the official premiere in Ottawa on Feb 1, which I understand will be more fun than you can possibly imagine. I will do my best to post photos and/or notes about the proceedings shortly thereafter.

RollBots Premieres: On Feb 7 at (I am told) 7:30am, RollBots will premiere on YTV in Canada. I'm not sure about the US airdates, but I will update you when I know. For each episode that airs, I'll be posting a behind-the-scenes entry about the going-on with that particular story. It's not going to be nearly as interesting as reading the same kind of thing about "Lost", but I'll do my best to be entertaining.

Poke of the Titans: On Feb 25, the third book in the SteamDuck Chronicles will be released. It's a different form factor (48 pages in paperback size, rather than large and square and 32 pages). I think it's the best one yet, but I tend to say that about everything.

TorrentBoy: Zombie World!: On March 25, I'll release my first chapterbook for kids. I can't say much more about this yet, but early reaction has been very positive, and I'm excited to be doing something very popcorn with such a serious social undertone. I mean aside from the other stuff I do.

That's all that's in the calendar for Q1 2009, but there may be more to announce soon. My objective is to have as little free time as possible for the next year, and I hope I can make things interesting for y'all as I do it.

Wish me luck!

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