New Dumb Idea: Duckie McGee

MCMWednesday, April 4, 2007

As soon as the Crazy Month of March ends, I start procrastinating like mad again. Rather than finishing off the work I was supposed to be doing today, I had to doodle a picture of an idea I had about 3 weeks ago when I was wishing I had time to procrastinate. It's a very complex situation.

So this is Duckie McGee, Time Pirate. The floating helidrone is Ion, his first mate. The proton slug is named Walter. They have been blackmailed into travelling through time, trying to stop the evil Greenwich from destroying the past. See, he got a hold of the banned alpha version of Wikipedia that rewrote history instead of articles, and since he was already an infamous wiki troll to begin with... well, it's a bad deal for everyone.

Beyond that, I've got nuffin. I think I shall create some software and write this like Mad Libs, which should be fun. No idea what the end result should be tho. Book? Animation?

Okay, I feel sufficiently guilty for ignoring my work now.

As you were.

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