What Is the State of Our Union?

MCMTuesday, January 12, 2021

Project status update for future reference, and for my own amusement, because as I go through old blog posts in various formats, I am reminded that I rarely explain what happened when — and the ambiguity makes it really damn hard to pin dates down.


This is currently with outside parties, based on the suggestion that it could turn into something somewhat interesting if the cards were played right. And so the waiting game commences. I expect to hear back by the end of April, at which point I can continue making a mess of things.

One Loves

This is a story I desperately want to tell, but my current energy levels do not suggest I will be able to pull it off in acceptable fashion. It's very near the top of my hit list, though. I just need to find a way to focus long enough to get it done.

Utopian Hit Squad

I will write more about this in a few weeks, but I am straddling this strange state of being certain it could go a more conventional (publishing) route, and wanting to do it all myself because I can't bear to see it done wrong. That said, my ability to do things right is greatly in doubt, so...

Shell Game

Is my next big "this year" project. It's a spy thriller with a nifty twist, but once again, I'll need more energy than I currently have to pull it off. Recent innovation on this front: tying it into covid. And hopefully in a good way.

Sprint Series

This might just loop back into the above-mentioned energy-deprived projects, because I am toying with an idea to, instead of writing a book over a series of months or livewriting a book over a series of hours, to do what I do for ghostwriting (write a book in 4-6 weeks) with my audience as the "client" — so basically interactive NaNo, repeatedly.

I want to get some tech stuff in place first, and I need to seriously learn how to live with gallstones and nutritional deficits, but I have this odd feeling this could turn into something kinda fun for 2021.

More later, once my brain wakes up.

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