Warning: Writer's Suck

MCMTuesday, July 13, 2010

There's this scary, scary concept for authors called Writer's Block. It's what happens when you try and put words to paper (or screen) and can't make it happen. It's a terrible thing, and it has driven many a writer to... well, not write, I guess.

I don't believe in Writer's Block, because I personally never have trouble writing, and being the centre of the universe, my experiences obviously apply to everyone else without fail. That said, I do believe in another problem known as Writer's Suck.

What is Writer's Suck? It's when you can write just as much as always, but everything you write is a big steaming pile of dog poo. Your jokes aren't funny, your seriousness is dull, and your poetry reads like a shopping list at the world's most boring lumber store. In this state, everything you write is sub-standard, and you possibly don't even notice. For example, Dan Brown.

Now the biggest question about Writer's Suck is what to do about it. For many people, you should keep on writing, but direct your suckiness at something unimportant, rather than your main gig. For others (like myself), that's a luxury you can't afford, because everything you do gets used SOMEWHERE. And for people like me, Writer's Suck is truly evil.

Right now, I am in the middle of a big-ass bout of Writer's Suck. It started shortly after my allergy attack, and it hasn't let go. The #1kStories I've written since then have been (I'm sorry to say) sub-standard, the Keys to the Kingdom chapters have been Suck Central, and don't get me started about the Tori's Row content I've been trying to produce. I've killed small animals with the suckitude of that stuff. Squirrels that scream "whyyyyyyyyyyyyy" as they burst into flames.

When I started this post, I thought I would be explaining that things would be quiet around here until the Writer's Suck passed. But that seems like the easy way out. So instead, I'm explaining Writer's Suck so you know why my next few weeks are sub-standard, and maybe you can all help me out by letting me know if and when my Suck Level decreases. So today's #1kStory might be SL7! Red alert! Save the children! But maybe tomorrow's #1kStory will be SL2, which means I don't have to feel like such a turd for releasing it.

So that's it. This is me struggling with my inadequacies. Thank you for reading, and yes, please give me an SL rating for this post too.

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