Bytown e3c6: The Bastard Grew Courage

MCMWednesday, May 13, 2020

Semi-automated announcement: Bytown episode 3 chapter 6 is live! Here's a preview...

Aylen saw the commotion on his way north, cursed under his breath and headed straight over. The Corkstown refugees noticed him coming, stepped aside to clear him a path.

The man in the nightgown was so intent on closing his door, he didn’t see Aylen until he was right on the front steps.

“What’s all this about?” he asked, and the homeowner quieted instantly.

“Mr...Mr Aylen!” he gasped, and stepped back immediately. “I didn’t--”

“You said something about having no room, Mr...?” asked Aylen.

“Patton, sir. William Patton.”

“This is a sizable home, Mr Patton. I find it hard to believe you don’t have a room or two to spare.”

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