Bytown e3c12: Turn Back, Love

MCMWednesday, May 27, 2020

Semi-automated announcement: Bytown episode 3 chapter 12 is live! Here's a preview...

Maggie sneered and pulled free. “I don’t have time for Aylen right now--”

“It’s Colleen,” said Ada, and Maggie froze. “Your friend, Colleen. They caught her, beat her, dragged her Barracks Hill--”

“Barracks Hill? Why?”

Ada’s face looked so, so sad. “She’s to be hanged at noon.”

The guards were unmoved by the desperation on display. They held their ground, glaring at the old man with tight-locked jaws.

“M-my daughter, Colleen Crowley, was b-brought here this morning!” he stammered, face white as a sheet. “I demand...I mean I...” He dropped to his knees. “Please, please, please...I need to see her. There’s been a mistake. I just need to see her...”

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