Inside the Magic: Reviewing a Leica

MCMMonday, September 22, 2008

I intend to give more insights into how a show like RollBots is made as the episodes start to air, but this one really begs to be shown early.

After a writer finishes his script and hands it over to be analysed, an artist creates what is known as a storyboard, which is like a comic book version of the episode, so everyone can see how it will all come together. Once that storyboard is done and the voice actors have had their session, the storyboard is scanned, cut up, and put into something called a leica, which is basically just a timed storyboard with voices (and some sound effects).

It is at this point that the directors, producers and myself (as creator) review the leica to see what should be reworked or trimmed. Below is a sample leica segment from episode 101A (so the second to air). Let's take a look...

As you can see, our directors are funny bastards. Tho to be fair, the draft title for the ep was "Rickrolled" before I was found out and made to change it :)

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