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RollBots: Refactored

RollBots was the first show I created, and was a ton of fun. It ended on a (literal) cliffhanger because we'd already been greenlit for a second season, and I figured "why not?"

But due to a bundle of tricky issues, the second season never happened. It was especially miserable for me, because I'd mapped out years and years of story, on top of the intricate backstory that was already woven into season one.

Since it's been too long to resume the story as it was, I borrowed a concept from programming and "refactored" RollBots...improving what was already there.

RollBots: Refactored is just a pilot script right now, which I'm putting up here for funsies. If/when RollBots returns, it may or may not resemble this... but I get enough messages about it that I figured I might as well share.

Read the pilot script

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