sniffle. Captain Copyright Passed Away

MCMTuesday, February 6, 2007

The sad news was reported at Boing Boing yesterday, and I missed it. Captain Copyright, our favourite fictional representative of strong intellectual property law and draconian corporate-backed brainwashing policies, has passed away. I dunno how old he was, or what he did when he wasn't flying around in tights, but he will be missed.

I mean probably.

Not by me, but y'know... someone's got to have liked him.

Connected to this momentous occasion, I've had another great influx of folks downloading the Pig book (and the Crow book, it would appear), and sending me comments.

(Some of you seem to almost be writing blog spam with your nicknames and links... but since your messages seem to be on-topic, I will let you stay, because you're at least making an effort in your spamming, and I like to encourage baseline efforts.)

I still hope to have the third book in the series (Panda Apples) ready in the next few hundred years. I just have to get ahead of the giant rush of work that's piling up atop me these days.

Anyway, let us have a moment of silence for Captain Copyright.

Sniffle indeed.

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