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MCMWednesday, July 26, 2006

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The Pig and the Box is about a pig who finds a magic box that can replicate anything you put into it. The pig becomes so protective of it, and so suspicious of anyone that wants to use it, that he makes people take their copied items home in special buckets that act as... well, they're basically DRM. It's like a fable, except the moral of the story is very modern in tone.

I made the book after hearing how the entertainment industry in Canada is keen on teaching young kids about how to "respect" copyright. That was a bit heavy-handed, I thought, and otherwise despicable. Preying on small kids, brainwashing them so they believe what you're doing is honourable and good... Feh. So I wrote this book partly as a response to that venture, to counter-act the confused ideals that young'ns are being exposed to these days. Also, I wanted to write potty humour.

Bring the Pig home and damage your children!

Buy the Pig on paper for only $18.99 USD!

This gets you a fantastic-quality, full-colour 8x8 book in nice shiny paper, signed by the author. It's limited-edition goodness, without... er... any competing editions... (hmm...) It's pricey for a kid's book, I know, but I'm a print-on-demand author, and for this kinda thing, that translates into a higher price tag. If I could figure it out any other way, believe me, I would.

Half of all profits go to Oxfam! That's the same as helping kids in need while making your own smarter! Not that your kids are dumb, I'm just... er... yeah. Never mind.


Shipping costs have settled to a flat $10.25 for anyone, anywhere. This includes the blood, sweat and tears that I put into each packaging job, my pitiful and unimportant autograph inside the cover, and a hand-written doodle saying "thanks". Cheaper options will soon be available via third-party sellers, so I don't feel so bad making this so damn expensive!


"Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery" is about right. I do print runs every 2 weeks and send them out ASAP (depends on volume etc etc). If you happen to order a copy at the tail end of the 2 week period, it might only take a week to get it by mail. Think of it as a game of chance. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Thanks again to EVERYONE that has given me all this support for the last few weeks. It's been quite a trip, and I'm glad I can finally get to the next stage!

Note: Updated shipping section.

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