Xander in Print!

MCMThursday, September 16, 2010

I'm really happy to announce that Xander and the Wind, my almost-year-old story about a boy and his dealings with mother nature, is finally available in print! But before I give you a link, I need to ask a favour...

I hate making requests like this, but for Xander, I think it might be more useful than not. If you've read Xander online already, I would like to ask you to please consider giving it a short review on Amazon. Even if you're not going to buy it. The kid lit world is overflowing with picture books, and a few stars on the sucker will help me greatly. I know Xander is a favourite for many people, so hopefully this isn't asking too much.

Technically speaking, this book should be appearing in international Amazon shops and other stores, but this is my first venture back to CreateSpace since their expanded distribution network came into play, and I don't know the mechanics/timing yet. So if you want Xander in print NOW, you'll have to get him through Amazon.com.

So finally, here is the link: enjoy, and thanks in advance!

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