On the verge of something shiny...

MCMMonday, January 22, 2018

A lot of my professional life has been about experimentation… I have a dumb idea, I try it out, it explodes, I move on. But it’s created a brain-rut wherein I tend to bail on things at the first sign of meh. Hunting for shiny is not always a good thing.

To that end, I’m working on a plan to help me avoid such pitfalls, and in the process, create a boatload of content in 2018. But first:

This week

Schnell: sent in my fifth outline of season two, and also a revision of the fourth. The best part about this series is that no matter how the stories get shuffled, it’s always a fun thing to write.

Squad Goals: something brewing on this front, but I can’t say more just yet. Stay tuned.

Polarity: churning through the final edits on the book version of this sucker. I’m even going to take Amazon up on their offer to do the print version via CreateSpace, which I am overall 200% uncertain of, but hey.

Wobble: gonna make some real progress on Wobble this week. 5k words is my goal. I will fail.

Izzy: the full package (with revised pitch bible) will be ready by end of week. I’ll post it up here when it’s done. I’m ramping up to go out a-pitchin’.

Next week

Red, Like (Step 2): I’m actually pretty close to getting this done now, but I need a few more days to stew. It’s gonna be great when it’s done, tho. Gonna dissect the upper levels of perception. Mwaha…

UHS: I’ve been lagging on this for too long. Assuming I have Polarity done, I’m gonna switch to UHS.

Keep Fighting: A brand new series with a new spin on an old model. It’s gonna be great, assuming the first episode clicks when I write it next week. Please let me write it next week…

And that’s all.

Oh right, the shiny-object problem… stay tuned on that front. I’ll have an announcement in a few days, and then we’ll see how far it gets me before I get distracted by

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