Happy Graduation Day

MCMFriday, June 26, 2020

Today is the day Kid 2 was supposed to graduate from high school.

A lot of you know her from the days of Typhoon, when I had to go to a cello concert in the middle of livewriting, and I shared a photo (that I can no longer find) of me holding said cello — and it looked like a blood violin, because Kid 2 was so small.

Well, she's not small anymore, and she's officially done with schooling (except for, you know, the next 4 years at university). But what's kinda sad about this whole thing is that she's ending her high school career having spent the last few months (and arguably the most fun months of the entire stay) in lockdown, learning virtually over Zoom.

She is super-smart and has lots of good friends, and I am 200% certain he will kick ass in university, but it's still a bit of a crappy situation, and I feel bad for her missing out on... well, not so much the prom or the graduation ceremony, or any of the associated--

Oh, Cadenza, that's what I'm sad about. Cadenza is this thing the music students — because she went to Canterbury, the arts school, for cello — do at the end of their last year. It's a fancy concert at a fancy hotel in downtown Ottawa, and everyone dresses up nicely and spends the entire day watching some truly (and I mean truly) incredible performances. We did it with Kid 1 when she graduated (violin!) and we were looking forward to doing it again.

I don't like to wallow in "what might have been"s because that's a good way to hate the universe. I don't much care for this coronavirus thing to begin with, and now it's pooping on one of the highlights of my decade, and yeah. I wanted to mark the occasion.

Bah, we'll just celebrate her university graduation doubly hard when it comes.

That's the spirit!

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