TorrentBoy Collaborative Novel / Outlining Fun

MCMTuesday, April 21, 2009

Over at the TorrentBoy Project forums, I've started a new sub-project to write a collaborative novel, currently titled "Camp Disaster!". I've written the first chapter, and then other people can pick it up from there, until we get to the end. It might work, or it might not, but I think it could be fun.

This morning I added a post detailing how I structure the books. I'm possibly too analytical about these things, but to me, it's fun to see how you can break down a book into distinct movements that can be reverse-engineered by others. Writing is still hard work, but once you know what you're trying to achieve, it's not nearly as scary as it could be. To quote myself:

ACT 1 -
a) Start with something unrelated but simple
b) Lay the foundations for the Central Conflict,
c) but focus on Distracting.
d) Scatter some B-plot in there.
e) End with a major twist on the Distracting.

ACT 2 -
a) Play out the Distracting twist,
b) grow the B-plot.
c) Articulate the Central Conflict, but avoid it for now.
d) Have one major action set-piece.
e) End with another major twist on the Distraction again.

ACT 3 -
a) Resolve the Distraction,
b) re-engage the Central Conflict,
c) tie in the B-plot and
d) conclude with fireworks.
e) Wrap up with a punchline.

Check out the rest of the post to see how it applies to "Zombie World!", and if you want to help out with "Camp Disaster!", join the discussion!

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