Livewriting update!

MCMSaturday, November 27, 2010

If all is going according to plan, it is now midnight and I have written about 14 chapters. Maybe 15. If the last chapter you've read is about Elvis in Egypt, we're on track, more or less. I've still got a few more chapters to do, and I hope I can :)

By now, you've seen that the flashbacks are about Freeman and his time in Mexico, leading up to the fateful day that was referenced in Typhoon. If you don't remember, Armstrong is the guy he meets in the liquor store. There's some stuff about Freeman you're going to learn here that explains why he acts the way he does. And it ain't pretty.

I'm guessing at least some of you will be wondering where Yuri fits in. To be brutally honest, he doesn't. Don't hold your breath on that front. You may die of asphyxiation or something.

I won't do an update for the "end of day" because I honestly don't know if I'll make it to chapter 18 before I collapse, and I don't want to post spoilers by mistake. There'll be some overnight treats for those of you still awake (or in different time zones), so don't go far! The insanity continues!

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