Oh, you sweet summer child

MCMTuesday, October 10, 2017

And thus begins the era of automatically-assembled postings… at least partially, anyway. And, also, it’s a day later than usual, due to Thanksgiving. But still… progress!


I have to submit at least two (and probably 4) polishes for Schnell this week. Ideally today (the 2, not the 4). After that, Schnell is done! Woo!

I also have to submit about 10 springboards for Bob, another series by the creators of Schnell. That’ll be fun, I can tell already.

Finally, the final polish on the final Parsley episode is due on Friday. So far so good, on that one.


I have hit a very good rhythm on Problem King that I suspect will take me straight through to the end in a matter of days. I’ll get into details later, but it’s looking very good right now.

UHS and Jacked 101 are on pause, so I don’t mess this up 🙂


I’m slowed down on Why Did You, and Tangents is similarly paused, because they use the same kind of brainspace as TPK, and I can’t risk it. But I’ll get right back to them, once it’s done.

And that, as they say, is that. More coming soon!

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