Vector Back Cover Blurb

MCMFriday, April 28, 2006

I have no experience writing blurbs for backs of books, but I had to try it out for The Vector... cause I guess no one else would, right? This is my first stab at it... I'll probably want to revise it some...

In the pale gray world of disease and distrust, the last thing you want is to be stranded away from home. But that’s exactly where Eva Kolikov finds herself: a prisoner in the crumbling city of Prague, where the afflicted are left untouched in snowy streets, and a masked “Healer” stalks the source of a deadly infection. Now, with the police at her heels and the harsh reality of the “designer virus” apocalypse attacking her at every turn, Eva must try and save her mother... before they all become victims of the most horrible disease every known.

Decent? Prolly not. If only I could find the time to gut the script itself. Sigh. Speaking of which, anyone want to be a proofreader? :P

Update: Never mind this blurb, a late-night edit session altered quite a lot of the content that it relates to. Much nicer, I think.

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