Streams and Leaders

MCMMonday, May 26, 2003
This post is from a version of my blog with inconsistent timestamps: evidently I was very good at defining 'modified' dates, but not 'created' dates. As such, I can't be sure when the content was actually written. Sorry!

A bit more theorizing now as things start to come together, and the content input process starts forcing some definition to the mess of sections and sub-sections that make up Dustrunners... the big issues for today are: Streams and Leaders... read on for more...


Ducks in a row, better-organized, clear vision. The best way I can see to make the project work better is to break it into streams, so that people can participate in a clearly-defined range of discussions, instead of wading through a giant mess of semi-related junk.

So for instance, we have the (as I called it now, but if anyone has any better ideas...) Dustrunners Universe stream, which encompasses the people, technology and events of the 2030s. The information in there is obviously relevant anywhere else, but it makes more sense (I think) to keep it in a central location.

Likewise, we could have the Game stream. This would include any game-specific discussions about techniques, tools or strategies for making a game based on Dustrunners. Whereas the Animation stream might have models optimized for one purpose, the Game stream would have those same models in a format and state that lends itself to gaming.

This way, each distinct stream can evolve at its own pace, and not necessarily impact the others. Of course, the Dustrunners Universe and Ops and Admin streams would need to run to sustain the others (creatively and logistically), but from there, the possibilities are limitless.


Once streams are established, it would be useful to have stream leaders to help manage resources and objectives. These leaders would still have to answer to the community on many issues, but it would be up to them to figure out what path to take to get things done. They would be elected to short (but not overly short) terms to make sure they can see things through, but also be replaced at the end of their terms if they utterly fail :)

The mechanics of electing someone, as well as their functions, is something I won't propose immediately, because there really aren't enough people to lead right now. But I'm thinking something like a 6 month term would be useful.

However, in terms of the Ops and Admin stream, some degree of control needs to be given to Idyllings (my company, the one that made Dustrunners), because at the moment it's got the most invested in it, and I figure any cash outlays from this point will have to be done through Idyllings. But Ops and Admin doesn't impede anyone's ability to pursue their other streams, except where it requires money of some kind.

So now that I've got the streams somewhat defined, I will endeavour to put content into them carefully. At the same time, if anyone has ideas or comments or questions for any of these streams (or you want to make a new one), Submit news and help fill things out.

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