Archivists: Valerie I is Out

MCMTuesday, October 13, 2015

Droplet Fiction is a new experiment wherein I release a new "episode" every week, cycling between multiple series until each run is finished. The stories are available for purchase at Amazon, and eventually on a Droplet Fiction app for iOS and Android.

Here is the first entry into the new Archivists series, Valerie I...

When a murder throws a regional office into turmoil, crisis management expert Valerie De Smedt is sent in to get things back on track, and fast. After all, the Archivists have been diligently recording history for over ten thousand years; a legacy that cannot fail for any reason, no matter how tragic. But she soon discovers that the legacy she's protecting may be dangerously intertwined with the murder itself, in ways that may be deadly to unravel.

Check out the rest and stay tuned for more excitement next week!

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