Almost 8AM Update

MCMSunday, May 29, 2005
This post is from a version of my blog with inconsistent timestamps: evidently I was very good at defining 'modified' dates, but not 'created' dates. As such, I can't be sure when the content was actually written. Sorry!

Story arc is going very well. Probably a tad too complex at this stage, but still a good first crack. About an hour before the end of the find-an-artist project, and 3 submissions. Voting, however is quite heavy. Who knew.

The view out of our window via the Webcam is really nice right now Tho there are still the damn pigeons.

Within the next 3 hours we hope to be able to show you

  1. first crack at story arc
  2. first crack at Boomer's mech
  3. first crack at a logo/brand!

Yes, it's true, we are very silly. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a crumbled bran muffin to eat.

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