Ghostwriting Services

I am a professional ghostwriter. What does that mean? It means I craft books for money and let someone else put their name on the cover. It's fun and painless!

I have ghostwritten nearly two dozen novels — over two million words! I specialize in science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, thrillers and romance. My "house style" is fast-paced, with a humourous undertone and pithy dialogue that is often called Sorkin-esque.

My turnaround for an 80,000 word novel is approximately 2 months.

Outlining and Development Consulting

A good structural foundation is essential for any good book. It can make the difference between a good book and a brilliant one.

I provide two development-related services to help you get your book in the best shape possible: I can create a fully-functional outline based on your idea, which you can use as a blueprint to write the actual text. Or, if you already have text written, I can provide analysis and structural refinements to help your story sparkle.

Confidentiality and Quality Assured

Part of the "let someone else put their name on the cover" schtick is that I never, ever divulge my project list to anyone for any reason. If you think you've spotted one of my ghostwritten works in the wild, that's cool — but please don't ask me to confirm it, because I can't. I take my ghostwriting duties very seriously.


I am currently booking projects starting in June 2021 (with delivery in August 2021).

Rate Card

My rates assume I'm writing from a signed-off outline (either done by me, or the client). I will integrate one round of notes as part of this price; further revisions are billed by the hour.

Estimate your costs
Book Type
ServiceBilled$/UnitEstimated Cost
Development ConsultingHourly$50
GhostwritingPer Word$0.65
Revisions (my words)Hourly$25
Revisions (3rd party words)Hourly$75

Most projects only require one item from the list above.

Unfortunately, these prices are not negotiable. I do not offer discounts in exchange for royalties.

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