More Rejected Story Ideas

MCMWednesday, September 13, 2017

Here’s yet another wacky batch of rejected story ideas from the last little while. Entirely A/B picks this time… and I 100% agree with the producers on each count. These are cool, but what was picked made for some really fun scriptwriting.

UNSINKABLE M: O has made an amazing discovery: there are ollllld sunken statues at the bottom of the lake… and one of them looks like M! But while everyone else straps on goggles and flippers to go look, M is stuck: turns out, she’s scared of being underwater! With L and Kid X helping her, she tries (and fails) to overcome her fears: doggie-paddling is traumatizing, surfboards are a no go, even standing too close to a fish bowl freaks her out! But when O volunteers his sub, to put her at ease, it unlocks a whole new level of psychosis, as she melts down over every little thing she sees! Eventually, L and the gang get through to her with the mantra: “That’s new, that’s interesting, I’m OK and that’s OK!” and she finds herself ENJOYING the water… until she finally sees the statue of her, and it’s in the goofiest pose imaginable!

LEADERS FOR THE DAY: Oh, H! He was SO convinced he’d be leader for the Day, when he found out it was actually S, he felt too ashamed to tell B the truth, so he… he lied and said he was chosen after all. Overjoyed, B insists on bringing H around town to do WHATEVER HE WANTS… and is surprised (and offended) when nobody else seems to be showing H the proper respect. P (and Kid X) try to convince H to tell the truth before things get out of hand… and then things get out of hand. Chickening out at the last second, H claims his ultimate wish is to ride the rollercoaster with his friends… but when they arrive, they discover S had the SAME wish, and is monopolizing the ride! Incensed and determined to confront the imposter, B goes WAY overboard on behalf of his friend… before finding out the truth… and setting off a cascade of apologies all around.

THE ONLY ONE: F has his boat, F has her restaurant, P has her bakery and B has his fire station. But what does G have? That simple question (by Kid X) kicks off a journey of self-discovery. But in his attempts to differentiate himself from everyone else, G ends up creating a “self” that is more about DISLIKES than LIKES, which rubs all his friends the wrong way (“No, P, I don’t like baked goods. I’m DIFFERENT!”). Finding himself painted into a really awkward personality corner by all his decisions, G learns the truth about who he is: he’s the one who loves and supports ALL his friends, no matter what they do!

NO HOME: W can’t let C go home. He wanted to surprise her, so he automated their kitchen, and… well, it caused quite the disaster. With S (and Kid X) helping to fabricate a series of “technical problems” for C to fix all over own (broken cars that still drive, broken ovens that still bake, broken… uh… flowers?), W sends OTHER Folks into the workshop to deactivate his creation — with varied and absurd results (P is purple, G is toasted, F can’t stop samba dancing). But C finally catches on to W’s ploy, and learns the truth: he didn’t want her to know about his mistake! But she tells him it’s not the mistake that matters, it’s what you do about the mistake. So they go into the workshop together, and get to work — and get purpled, toasted and samba’d, of course.

PTASTIC: P is trying to find something she ISN’T good at… it seems like everything she tries, she does perfectly! She can row a boat, she can grow a flower, she can perform puppet shows (with her ears!) and she’s AWESOME at playing music, after all. All her constant bragging is driving the other WEs up the wall… which is why they watch with keen interest when she decides to out-ninja K. At first, she just has trouble with the physical aspect — being THAT acrobatic is hard work! — but even when she masters his MOVES (“I did it!” “I did it again!” “HA HA LOOK AT ME!”), she still doesn’t SEEM like a ninja… and it drives her CRAZY! Declaring ninjas silly and pointless, she decides to lurk in the shadows and call out all the lame ninja moves K does, as a running commentary. Every time he makes a mistake, she’s there to point it out… which is when she realizes what makes him a TRUE ninja: he doesn’t brag about his victories or mope about his failures… he just does his best, and carries on. Once she does that, she, too, is an excellent ninja (but she knows better than to say so aloud).

PAT-A-CAKE: T really wants to make a special cake for L’s birthday, but left it too late… and discovers P is off making deliveries and can’t help! When L suggests he make it himself (P won’t mind!) T almost has a meltdown: he can’t make a CAKE! He’s TERRIBLE at baking! P, Kid X and L convince him to try (they’ll help!) but it’s clear he’s obsessed with his own shortcomings, and has no intention of creating an actual, edible cake. But when L arrives for her “big surprise”, T has to make a decision: does he POTENTIALLY make a less-than-perfect cake, or DEFINITELY disappoint his friend by not even trying? In the end, the verdict is great: while the cake may not LOOK as nice as P’s, it tastes AMAZING!

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