Bytown Unbottled

MCMSaturday, May 1, 2021

This runs the risk of being two grumpy posts in a row, so I'll focus on the positive.

A potential deal to turn Bytown into something... different has expired, and it is now firmly back under my control. As such, I'm finally in a position to write the last few chapters of episode 9 and release the finale for everyone to see. It's been a long road for Maggie (and me) but the end is in sight.

Once the last of the chapters are up on the site, I'll be turning my attention to the next stage of development: editing and revising the episodes. There are two approaches I'm still debating exactly what form this will take — possibilities include turning each episode into a novel-length book, or just bundling three at a time into volumes — but I have my direction back.

So stay tuned for more on this front. I need to finish writing e9, then edit e8, then release e8, then edit e9, and release it, too. And somehow get all that done before DogeFight starts.


It's gonna be a busy May.

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