RollBots Recap: 104 "Scorched"

MCMSaturday, February 28, 2009

Every week, I’m going to try and give you some inside information about episodes of RollBots, so you can see the things that went into producing each story. You should probably watch the episode first (probably won’t have a choice, since these posts won’t go live until after the episode airs).

In the beginning, we were aiming to write just 13 episodes per season of RollBots, and they were going to be funny-first stories with lots of "explore the world". So you have to imagine the topics we wanted to cover, like "what are the other tribes?" (answered in 105) and "what is the Safety Net?" (answered in 103). For 104, we decided to answer: "what happens if a bot can't fully extract?"

Originally, I imagined this effect as being "one leg in and one leg out and one arm half-in" etc, but somewhere along the line, it ended up being presented as bots with dumpy arms and legs. Probably funnier this way. Especially with Captain Pounder. That always cracks me up.

But just because you know what your gag is going to be, doesn't mean you have any idea what the story is. So Steven Sullivan wrote an outline that tried to make the concept make sense. He did a great job, having the whole plot centre around Vertex trying to undermine the FCPD. This also lets us introduce the Mayor a bit better than she had been, showing how it's POSSIBLE to undermine the FCPD. (though it should be noted that Mayor Aria and Captain Pounder have a complex history, so he's not quite as easy to replace as we let on).

The oddity this episode introduces is the part where Spin waves down that transport so he can bring Penny to the FCPD. That sequence is repeated in several other episodes (the hailing part, not the driving), either because somebody thought it was funny, or because we needed to fill a few extra seconds. I don't think anyone realized we were repeating it so much, so if you think to yourself: "Wow, AGAIN?", trust me... we all think that :)

Next week is quite possibly a re-run (we're trying to confirm), and then hopefully we'll cover 105 (which I wrote, and have lots of evil trivia to discuss). So stay tuned, and keep telling your friends!

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