Closings and a Big Fat Oops

MCMMonday, October 23, 2006

Upon reviewing my slate of things to do, I realized there wasn't enough time in any particular day to put the proper attention to completing projects like Fixing Lavender or The Al Dente Code. I still intend to finish them, but they take that certain je ne sais quoi that I don't have going right now. In terms of TADC, that's teh funny. Ain't none around.

So I closed down both blogs earlier today, hoping that the removal of two otherwise-dead blogs would save the world half-completed thought processes, and make us all a bit happier.

Little did I know that the TADC blog would be very quickly taken over by blog spammers, and even better, ones that immediately redirect you to pr0n! Woot! I'm sure it'll be resolved quickly, but if you happened to be subscribed to that RSS feed and now think I'm doing something shady, don't worry. I'm much more subtle about my shadiness.

And now I shall return to my giant pile of things undone, and hopefully update THIS blog with something worthwhile soon.

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