The Ze in the NYT

MCMTuesday, November 14, 2006

The New York Times has an article about the Ze and the Ninja and other web celebs. The thing I find interesting is that they both seem very intent on not making half-assed deals with Hollywood for a bit of money. $2,000 per episode for the Ninja? These shows have audiences quite a bit larger than most shows on that CW network, which are made for hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode, not $2,000. It still shows that Hollywood doesn't take the "online auteurs" seriously. I'm all giddy that my favourite vidcast stars are taking themselves seriously at least.

Now I guess the big question is whether the next generation of shows will be made for millions of dollars, elevating the current web class, or if this means the slow demise of the hugely-expensive broadcast show? Probably somewhere in the middle, I reckon. Hopefully, anyway.

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