Our objectives

MCMSunday, May 29, 2005
This post is from a version of my blog with inconsistent timestamps: evidently I was very good at defining 'modified' dates, but not 'created' dates. As such, I can't be sure when the content was actually written. Sorry!

We're not out to make a pilot. We're going to make the guts that make making a pilot easier. Realistically, in 36 hours, we can get a lot of very useful stuff done, so we're setting some lofty goals to try and achieve:

  • Story arc. 13 episodes. One page per episode
  • Character bios. As much detail as possible for all the main characters. At least one page each.
  • Character sketches. Proper rotations of main characters, coloured as possible, with as many posed shots as we can turn out.
  • Tech/props designs. Cars, planes, gadgets and other fun stuff designed. Coloured as possible. As much as we can dream up.
  • Show branding. Wordmark, logos, styles, font choices, graphic design. The whole deal.
  • Website, complete with character pages, teaser info, and the beginnings of a community base
  • A theme song?
  • Some kind of trailer showing off the series. Cause we can, and we like to.
  • How much of that can we do? Not sure. That's what makes it so much fun...

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