Bytown Launches Today

MCMMonday, March 2, 2020

This is the first day of a very, very, very large project called Bytown. And by "large" I mean "probably gonna be about 300,000 words by the time it's all done." So what is Bytown?

Bytown is episodic

I'm merging my TV brain and my book brain to make something a little bit "both": the series is broken into 9 episodes, just like a TV show. There are elements that carry on between episodes, but each one has its own distinct arc and purpose. Each one is broken into 13 chapters, released on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. So you'll always have material to read, from here until November.

Wait, November?

Yes, I'm releasing one episode per month from March until November. Approximately 7,000 words per week for nine months. It's a massive undertaking, but the weekly drip release should help keep things both interesting, and also bearable on my end.

Please say you're not writing this as you go

No, I've pre-written the first two episodes already, and aim to stay at least a few episodes ahead for most of the year. That said, I will definitely be adapting as I go, because that's 99% of the fun of writing online, and I won't pass up and opportunity to mess with your minds :)

What's it all about?

The story is about a woman named Maggie Kelly who arrives in Bytown (aka Ottawa in the early 1800s) in search of a quiet life, only to discover Bytown is not the kind of place where that is possible. It's historical fiction, but in a very "me" mode: larger-than-life characters, wit and silliness, and a fair amount of brutal murder.

How do I read it?

Take a gander at the official website and check back in regularly for new chapters and bonus material!

Let's hope I survive this one. It's a doozy, but man, when you reach episode 9, I'm pretty sure you'll think it was worth the ride.

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