Post #2D1D Post

MCMTuesday, December 8, 2009

Well, the adventure has come to an end. #2D1D was a fantastic success, and my eyes are still a bit blurry from the adventure. But there's more left to say, so let's do it...

Thanks again!

I just realized I neglected to add "so long, and thanks for all the fish" to the story as I promised. But either way, I want to say another big thanks to io9 (Annalee and Graeme in particular), Eli, Jan, Anna, Rok, Mike and Najela... you guys made my day. If the rest of you weren't following the Dispatch, you should head over now and watch sensible human beings devolve into madness. It was even worse behind the scenes. Jan fell down stairs, at least once.

Next Steps for "The New Real"

There are things to do to the stuff that was written... most notably, I need to read it, find out what worked and what sucked, and fix it. Then it needs some editing, spiffing, and polishing, and then it should be ready for a 0.5 release (or maybe 1.0!) All that will likely happen in 2010, because the rest of my month is going to be filled with desperately-trying-to-survive. Stay tuned to 1889 for whatever happens next!

Other Fun Stuff

If you're new to me and my crazy world, let me point you towards some truly odd things I've done:

  1. Many Tuesdays (an days masquerading as Tuesdays) I write what is known as Topic Tag, wherein I take suggestions from the readership and write a short story in 60 minutes. My most popular one is here, and there's a list of others on that page as well.
  2. My viruscore novel The Vector is available in many formats, and would make an excellent Christmas gift. Wink wink.
  3. My semi-legendary anti-DRM kids book The Pig and the Box is also perfect for the children in your life, assuming you want them to grow into well-adjusted human beings.
  4. Many people have found my SteamDuck books (Archimedes' Fish, The Dark Red Lacquer of the Heart and Poke of the Titans) to be fun. You may decide for yourself.

This year, I set out to write 12 books in 12 months. The list currently stands at:

  1. The Pig and the Box
  2. Poke of the Titans
  3. TorrentBoy: Zombie World!
  4. Fission Chips
  5. Percy's Perch
  6. TorrentBoy: Pirates Attack! (I didn't write it, but I'm editing)
  7. The Vector
  8. The App
  9. Typhoon
  10. Xander and the Wind
  11. The New Real

If you want to see what I do next, you're going to want to stick around. And get ready for 2010, because things are about to get sillier.

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