Oki and Nobbin Day 20: Egg Hunt

MCMWednesday, November 20, 2019

A daring rescue leads to a violent confrontation with an old foe, with Oki's past crashing back into the present like never before.

*Crack!* Oki smacked herself against the side of the jeep one more time, and this time, her shoulder popped back into place. She let out a fierce whimper, rolled her head to the side as her vision spotted again, and noticed that Nobbin had got his head stuck in the window again. He was trying to roll it down, unsuccessfully, and clearly avoiding saying anything about it, because this was now the third time he'd done this exactly same thing in the five minutes they'd been in Hanto's jeep.

Hanto, for his part, kept his eyes mostly on the road. And, from time to time, on Oki's arm.

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