Mark your calendars

MCMMonday, February 12, 2018

UHS D1 is done.

Now, granted, the D1 is typically my “vomit pass” (wherein I vomit stuff into a file and hope it makes sense later — also see “livewriting”) but this script, in particular, was a real challenge for me. I’ve been fiddling with it, in my brain, for years… and now that the last line is down (and it’s a doozy) I’m kinda… sad.

Next up: going back and fixing all the crap that doesn’t work or make sense. I have SO much red text in this file, to help me find “things I should have seeded earlier on so they don’t come out of nowhere.” And I changed at least one relationship dynamic midway, which’ll have to be resolved.

Oh, and if, when you finally see/read this script, Doc is still a thing… well, let’s just say that at THIS stage, I’m not sure he will be. Which kills me, but there it is.

I got nothing else done last week, so Red, Like is postponed another few days while I run over UHS with a bulldozer.

Next week is for Izzy and Jacked (packages and scripts). Gotta keep moving.


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