A Final Experiment

MCMMonday, November 2, 2009

All through 2009, I've been trying different experiments with my books, trying to see what works and what fails, so that others can save themselves some time. 2009 is running out, but I have one last experiment I want to try...

A few months ago, I hit on the idea of compartmentalizing the publishing game, so rather than a big company producing and packaging a book, writers would work with freelance agents to get their stories bought. I've been batting the concept around, and I think I've come up with a refinement that will be fun to explore: production teams.

But first: sales of The Vector have stalled in the last week (I had three sales the week before, and none since), so this is a good time to try. The Vector's sales path has been a victim of my schedule and my complete inability to market. In the right hands, I'm confident it could sell a thousand more copies. I just don't have those hands. With H1N1 in the news, a story about a virus-wrought future should be an easy sell, right?

So back to the experiment. I want to recruit a marketer for The Vector in exchange for a share of profits. Which is to say, it's a performance-based job. Sell a thousand copies, and you get a bunch of cash. Sell five, and you get very little. It's a risk, but it's a risk where you at least control a big chunk of your destiny.

In exchange for performing some magic, you get to keep 40% of profits. Looking at eBook sales, that means you'd get $1.82 for every $5 copy (PayPal fees eat $0.45 off the top). I will back you up with whatever materials you need made (print, web, video) and do whatever else you ask of me... but it'll be up to you to make it move. I did it for RollBots, so this will be a piece of cake. You can promote the book the Social Media way, or do it the Old School way and sub-license to regional directors. Anything goes.

The position is a 6-month deal. At the end of that time, if I feel it's not working out, we'll call it a day. If you sell more than 500 copies in that time, you'll get another 6 months automatically.

If you're interested, send me an email telling me what you'd do. I don't need graphs and detailed breakdowns, but it would be nice to know you know what you're talking about :) Don't be afraid to do crazy new things, either. I'm all about experimentation.

Let's do some damage!

Also: Editor Needed

On a similar note, I'm looking for a literary-minded monster to be the editor for Typhoon. I'd almost prefer someone that doesn't usually do SciFi. I want someone willing to make me cry, and not apologize for it. As above, payment is in a share of profits. 15% of profits in perpetuity. I won't have anything ready until December, so this won't overlap NaNoWriMo. If you're willing or able, drop me a line.

I've got an editor for Typhoon now, thanks!

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