TorrentBoy: Pirates Attack!

MCMTuesday, July 7, 2009

When danger strikes the Maritime Museum, TorrentBoy and his crazy teddy bear Crash must save the day! But when a battle erupts between the infamous Sweesh Pirates and the noble Protectorate Guard, they find themselves caught in an impossible situation. Now, with giant whales and Proton Crabs causing trouble at every turn, TorrentBoy needs to work hard to uncover a dark secret that could destroy the world!

This is a really great book. I was really excited when I read it, and I hope you will be, too. It's being serialized at 1889 Books, with a new chapter every Tuesday. Subscribe to the RSS feed or just mark your calendars! Go see right now!

(side note: the artwork on the cover is temporary while I try and work through an artistic roadblock... I have a really cool design in my head that I can't seem to execute properly. Once it's done, I'll update everything. Apologies to Chris)

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