Moving Like a Glacier

MCMThursday, April 20, 2006

The amusing thing about my existence appears to be that whenever I have a stretch of good health and happiness, all the projects I work on grind to a halt simultaneously. It's great fun, and the best part is that when I finally get going again, I'll probably catch a cold or something, just to complete the effect.

I've been toying with constructs for MCD lately, trying to nail down something that feels right. My current thinking is that the show will be made up of sync points, where the game and the series connect, and then for the next few episodes we can take our time to explore things in greater detail. The fun thing is that the game will continue to plod along in that time, so (for instance) if you think that what you're playing right now hinges on the fact that Falcon has Carver locked up, but you find out in five episodes that Carver actually escaped custody and is quietly on the loose... that lets you be involved in the story without really knowing for sure what all the facts are. I think it definitely has some fun to it.

The other thing I want to try and explore (and I've done this before, too) is giving both sides of the conflict equal airtime, to present them as opposing forces and let the audience side with whichever team they prefer. It's like guilds on a whole new level. The difficulty continues to be having all this make seamless sense to the viewer/player, so they feel they can participate without going insane.

I may have to resort to doing completely unnecessary artwork for MCD just to pass the time. Or I could do "work". Sigh. Work.

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