Fission Chips Concludes

MCMThursday, September 24, 2009

It's been quite a ride, and now it's over. Or is it?

I started writing Fission Chips in May, back when I thought crowdsourced fiction was fun. Now I have a whole new appreciation of it, and how hard it can be to pull off. Even with my rather detailed notes on what happens and when, I was nowhere near prepared for the mess that followed.

You can go read it on for yourself, but also take the time to read the acknowledgements page at the end, because I need your help to finish this sucker. I'm planning a proper, revised version in eBook and print in the first quarter of 2010, and to make it work, I'll have to heavily revise it, hopefully based on reader feedback. So don't think you're off the hook yet!

Thanks for making Fission Chips such a success!

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