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Rob the Robot

Right after I finished RollBots, I begged to write on this series called Rob the Robot, by the same producers (Amberwood Entertainment). Not because I wanted to be known as the guy who only writes about robots (which was a thing, sadly), but because OMG SO CUTE. The show ran for two seasons, and was just 900% fun, top to bottom. The characters are cute and sweet and funny, and it was my first experience pushing up against the limits of what is allowable in the preschool realm... and working around them to make something special.

I'm pretty sure RTR is still playing worldwide, because people occasionally write to me to tell me how much they love it. There are some shows you write where you think: that was fun... NEXT! And there are some shows you write where you think: yup, that was important. And Rob the Robot is definitely one of those shows.

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