The Man With the Improbable Leg

MCMMonday, January 25, 2010

Today marks the launch of The Man With the Improbable Leg, book four in the SteamDuck Chronicles. It will make your head explode.

Quoth the blurb:

While vacationing in London, Archimedes and Finley the foul-mouthed telekinetic fish find themselves caught up in a strange murder plot that reaches into the upper echelons of social power... including the formidable Lord Likely, who fastens his belt long enough to avenge the death of a favourite lover. But as a greater plot unfolds, Archimedes and Likely find themselves on a collision course... one that may unravel the very social fabric of Great Britain, and let ninjas and bombastic Irish midgets run free!

Joining me on this adventure is the mind-blowingly amazing Andy Fanton, scribe for Lord Likely, an Aritocratic Adventurer of some repute. We've worked our brains out trying to give you something fun yet silly, offensive yet rude, adventurous yet crazy. This is what you get when you lock two deranged minds in a virtual room together, and shake it vigorously.

This book clocks in at over 10,000 words, meaning it's the longest SteamDuck book of all. Another major difference are the number of illustrations in the book... since we're trending towards novels, it felt more natural to have fewer images. But the ones that are there are still just as offensive.

A Warning!

Which reminds me: this book is highly offensive. We ruthlessly attack everyone from orphans to Spaniards to career women, and take no prisoners. If you're easily infuriated, this may not be the book for you. If you can laugh at imbeciles making small-minded comments, then welcome aboard!


Also part of the Improbable adventure for the week: badges! Yes, badges! The wonderful Jan Oda created for y'all an assortment of 1889.ca badges to win. Here's the rundown:

  • Antsy Pantsy: You've read all the SteamDuck books (including this new one!) and apparently have no pants.
  • Aroused: People find you quite wonderful, and have modded up your coolness several times!
  • Likliest Lord: You have an amazing mix of hotness, insanity and general coolness that few can deny!
  • The Duck: You appear to be quite well-spoken and intelligent, but it betrays your general nuttiness.

Here's the thing: the first person to earn ALL FOUR OF THESE BADGES will get a special treat: you'll get to name a main character in my next book! So get modding, people! These badges don't earn themselves! (I mean, sometimes they do, but I think I fixed those bugs).

Reviews and Quotes!

For this book, I would like some promotional quotes. To this end, I am requesting this: write me your best Twitter-able quotes, in as Archimedes-esque (or Finley-esque) language as you can. I'm looking for something nutty, not substantial.

Also, if you have a blog or site or some kind and can spare a few minutes, please consider writing up a little review of the book. There's a 100-point reward for such posts, regardless of what you say about the book. I will up it to 500 points if you can write the entire review in rhyming couplets (minimum 12 lines).

In Conclusion!

Tally ho, everyone! Enjoy The Man With the Improbable Leg!

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