Long Night, Long Day, Long Month

MCMFriday, September 15, 2006

Last night an email came from from Japan. My wife's mother suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage and is in the hospital, unconscious, with a machine breathing for her. She'd been complaining of a headache and decided to take a nap, and then just didn't get up. There's no indication how things are going, but even if they go well, they're going badly.

I'll be offline indefinitely. My wife has to go to Japan and I have to keep the kids fed and clothed etc. If you write to me with questions over the next few weeks and I don't answer, that's why. It's a bit of battle stations and uncertainty for a while.

On a related note (and one I don't like bringing up)... if you or anyone you know requires a bit of web work, design work, writing etc, please send them my way. Likewise, if you know a TV producer or somesuch who's looking for properties to develop, I will sell just about anything I've got (and I've got a lot) for peanuts right now, no strings attached. Travelling across the Pacific is an expensive venture, and it looks like it'll be part of life for a while.

Sorry to all, and hope your September's going well.

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