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Terrific Trucks

TV is a tricky business, and sometimes you get asked to story edit an entire 52-episode series in six months. Now, that's a tight schedule under the best of circumstances, but in this case the show was already shot and in the process of being edited, and Craig and I had to optimize the scripts to get the most bang for the buck. It was not an easy job (2 eps a week! woo!) but we got it done, thanks in large part to the team at Breakthrough and in particular our producer, Michael Kessler. That man is a genius, and possibly insane.

Our hard work paid off, too, because the show was nominated for a Youth Media Alliance Award for the two episodes featuring the talents of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Those were awesome episodes, too: we rewrote them specifically for our celebrity guest stars. I mean seriously: I wrote words for Anna and Crosby! That's like magic.

Here's the short blurb from the Breakthrough website:

Get on the road with five REAL trucks as they tackle tough projects. Each truck brings their unique personality and skills to the team to help get the job done – proving it’s always best when working together!

It airs on Sprout in the US, and probably all over the world, too. Check your local listings.

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