Observation of the day

MCMTuesday, November 30, 2010

This observation was triggered by reading one too many snarky emails sent to me while I was writing #3D1D. The observation is thus:

I'm more successful a writer than you are a critic, or you'd be picking on me in the New York Times.

Let that sit for a moment, and then maybe consider taking your head out of your ass and try to enjoy life. You're obviously taking it (and yourself) far too seriously.

Update, dammit. Further generic replies to you lovely people:

  • Yes, I intend to destroy literature as we know it through my website. Killing kittens was too time-consuming.
  • I think perhaps the reason Dickens didn't livewrite has less to do with his disliking the concept, and more to do with the fact that the internet didn't exist then. But I'm not sure. You seem to know him pretty well. Drop him a line and let me know what he says.
  • I don't know how paint dries in your world, but in mine, it doesn't jump across the page at 22 words per minute.
  • Yes, the term "livewriting" is pretentious, but far less than your signature. Look at me! I'm a Dynamic Literature Synthesis Engineer!
  • If I told you a literary editor recommended you watch me livewrite, would that seriously make it okay to you? What if they said to gargle with acid? I think I read that in Publishers Weekly last month...
  • Actually, I didn't ask you. But thanks for chipping in.
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