Oh hai, 2018

MCMMonday, January 15, 2018

Full disclosure: most of 2018 has been preparing for the revamp of this site, and the conversion of the old Patreon blog over to this new one. It’s still not done, and not for lack of trying. Things just keep getting in the way! Stupid… things!

That said, I’m ramping up production for a very busy 2018. Very busy. So with that in mind…

SCHNELL: notes due back this week, and then on to the next one. I wish every series could be as free as this…

WOBBLE: burning through that as we speak. I’m at about 30,000 words and have another 60 to go, but most of the 30 happened in the last week or so, so it might actually be done soon.

ARKADY AND KAIN: oh yes, I’m finally gonna polish this sucker up. It’s looking really good so far, so stay tuned. Editing is hard work, but it’s how you get the deeper stuff to make sense. I think.

POLARITY: Also polishing (when I’m tired of A&K). It’s in pretty good shape by default, but I need to have it solid before the fall, so I can get to work on **MACEDON **without feeling silly.

IZZY: packaging that up now to properly shop around. I’ll be sharing it with patrons when it’s done. Hopefully soon.

RED, LIKE: This is my new experiment, and it should be launching its first part in the next few days. Be ready!

And that, as they say, is that.

This is going to be a wacky year, with lots of wacky ideas coming to fruition. Be ready!

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