Announcing The Vector in Print

MCMFriday, July 24, 2009

Updated to include the new Limited Edition Lite option.

You asked (and threatened) and I listened. And then I forgot. And then I remembered, and now I'm doing something. Announcing The Vector in print!

No, it's not available right now. It needs some tweaking first. A better blurb for one. A few typos people have found. And then there's this: there are going to be two three editions...


The paperback version should be available via Amazon in the next few weeks. I need to check the proof, but after that, you should be able to snag a copy. It's 300 pages and has a taller version of the cover you see on the Reader site. It'll retail for $12.99, and will make you happy in places you never imagined.

Limited Edition

The Limited Edition is something even better. Due in October, it will be hardcover, with a polished compilation of the "Disassembling the World" posts I made here (telling the backstory to the Healer and international plagues), plus "The Virus Coder's Girl" and a few other surprises. It will also have a new cover by the amazing artist Nykolai Aleksander... a shot of the Healer, battle-worn and weary, alone in a bleak world. Mind-blowage will ensue. The LE version will cost $75 (including shipping), and come signed and numbered. There will only be 300 of them made. Presales will start shortly after the cover art is done (see below). If you bought an eBook version, you get $5 off the LE price; whatever you donate for the cover fund also counts against the LE price.

Limited Edition Lite (New!)

By popular demand, I am adding a third kind of print book to the mix. The LEL version will be paperback, with the new cover, but none of the bonus materials of the LE. It will be signed and numbered, so there will be a limit to how many I do (I hate shipping), but I won't set a cap just yet. They will sell for $35 (including shipping), and go on sale at the same time as the LE. This way, you can get something special, even if you're not stupendously rich. As with the LE, if you bought the eBook, you get $5 off the LEL; whatever you donate to the cover fund also counts against the LEL price.

Speaking of not being rich...

Help me fund the cover

The cover art is going to cost $500, and I need some assistance paying for it. If you had been holding off donating for some reason, this is an excellent time to try! I've set up a Fundable page where you can chip in to help me reach my goal. Any money you donate will count towards your LE or LEL purchase (because you know you'll want one with this artwork!), and you'll also get a digital copy of the cover as a poster, so you can adore it forever and ever. You'll also be thanked in the LE/LEL editions, so everyone else will know how cool you are. So think of this as an investment in art, and an investment in your LE/LEL ownership. Donate $20 and the LE is only $55! Donate $30 and the LEL is $5! Donate $100 and the LE is free! Bonus!

To conclude

A big thank you to everyone that's given me so much support over the last 5 days. To recap: over 9,000 reads, 700 RSS subscribers, 105 ebooks sold, and close to 300 emails demanding a print version, or they will kill me. You guys rock. I will do my best not to disappoint.


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