Progress by imperceptible increments

MCMMonday, August 14, 2017

This week is going to be exciting on all kinds of levels. MOSTLY because there’s a potential for getting TONS of work done on Problem King, after so many days off. And yet… ahahahahaha…

Here’s the slate, divided by category and ranked most-likely-to-hit to probably-not-gonna-happen:


Schnell: The springboards were delivered on Friday, and sure enough, first thing this morning, two stories approved to go to outline. So that kinda slows me down a little, but hopefully not by TOO much…

Parsley: Working on one outline for Wednesday, with a potential second order after that… but we’ll see. The outline is going well, though.

Marco: Radio silence last week means this week might be busy. But then again, who knows.

Yick: Incidentally, Yick is now finished. No polish notes! Yay! I think it’s now safe to reveal that this project is actually the new season of Grossery Gang, which I believe will be streaming sometime in the next few months. I’ll let you know when I know.


Problem King chapters 24-26 are due this week (because I miraculously managed to get 2 chapters done last night!) and then I do a sanity pass on what should be half the book, and send it off for review! Woo!

And then, of course, I write the other half. Sigh.

Pitch du Week

Oversight. Again. Very close, though. Very close.

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