All the pretty things

MCMMonday, January 29, 2018

So much as happened in the last week, and so little of it was planned! That’s the best kind of week, right? Right? Please?

The big change from last week is the website (future readers: the website is vastly improved, but you won’t know the difference). This is because my coder brain got the better of me, and I was powerless to stop it. But now that the site is in good shape, I can finally… yeah, who’m I kidding? I’ll keep updating it forever.

Schnell proceeds apace, though I’m waiting for a few more days to hopefully proceed on two episodes. Notes take time sometimes, but it’ll be worth it.

Wobble is woefully short of its objective for last week (less than half the wordcount expected) and this week may not not be much better. Still, 10% is better than 0%!

Polarity got a lot further ahead than I expected, so that’s good… though I suspect it’s because I’ve already done a polish pass on this book before, and just didn’t remember it. I’m expecting to hit a point where the writing starts to suck, and say AHA! … but so far, so good.

Izzy is still needing a package fix, but given my deadline of February 1st, I guess I’ll just have to do it.

Other new things this week include kicking Red, Like in the head a few times for the second phase, and… well, more Wobble. If I stay focused, I can clear at bunch off stuff off my plate before next week, and go into February ready to kick some ass.


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