MCMFriday, June 18, 2004
This post is from a version of my blog with inconsistent timestamps: evidently I was very good at defining 'modified' dates, but not 'created' dates. As such, I can't be sure when the content was actually written. Sorry!

Monitor City Courier Service. Never referred to as anything but MCCS because anything else would be too wordy. The organization was set up to help get packages around the city (no other courier companies would set up shop in MC). The MCCS has a fleet of about 50 riders on special fuel cell motorcycles, all of whom are highly trained and very dangerous in a dark alley.

Gamers are a big problem with MCCS riders. A good portion of the packages delivered to MC are good for gaming, and since the early days, riders have been assaulted by Gamers looking to beef up their consoles for free. To answer that threat, MCCS started training its riders in martial arts and giving them pulse guns to subdue any attackers. While they don't have a license to kill, riders are given special dispensation by the police if they leave a Gamer bleeding on the sidewalk.

MCCS itself is a non-profit organization in the city, turning over any excess income to the city; the city actually thrives more off MCCS revenues than from taxes (there is a small but loud group in MC that wants courier fees to be free, comparing it to the Tea Tax).

The rate of changeover in the MCCS rider pool is quite high: few riders last longer than a year because of the stress, but those who do tend to stay indefinitely.

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