Typhoon: Collector's Edition

MCMTuesday, October 13, 2009

Has it only been a week? Wow. Time sure flies when you're not sleeping much and praying for death. Wait, what was I talking about?

I remember now. Today I'm announcing Typhoon: Collector's Edition. It's going to be something special. An attempt to lock in place some of the craziness we all went through last week.

The text in this version won't be heavily edited or reworked. The revised text will come later (Free-E-Day anyone?), but this has a different purpose. A snapshot of an event.

Inside the 400+ page book, you will find a lot of things...

  • An introduction by Eli, Jan and Anna;
  • The Dispatch blog posts both before, during, and after the event;
  • A transcript of the Twitter stream, so you can see the craziness that went on;
  • All the chapters as they were posted;
  • The full text of the Bonn Convention;
  • New ads from the same lunatics that sponsored the web version;
  • A bonus "undeleted scene" involving a left sock and microgravity;
  • Artwork showing some of the ships in the dustrunner world;
  • A short story "Fangirl" about a certain character who was under-represented and needs more abuse;
  • A sneak peek at Crystalline, the sequel to Typhoon.

The first few of these things, you can see online already. The last four are only in the Collector's Edition. Nobody else gets to see them. Especially the sock thing. I mean seriously.

Buying the Book

I will be selling the book myself, signed and numbered (even when it's just a PDF, I'll attach a signed-and-numbered page to the front of the package). The print version will be around $25+shipping, and the PDF will be $10.

(The print price is not fully set, because I need to see how big the thing is before I know what my printing costs are.)

Now I bet you were wondering what you were going to do with all those excess points, right? Here's where they come in. You can apply your points to the cost of this book. If you have 100 points, that's $1 off the price. Most of you have over $3 worth of points to use, so you'll be getting nice steep discounts!

Twitter Stuff

Because I didn't make most of the Twitter comments going into this book, I need to get your permission to include yours. If you're okay with my using your words for free, just write "#3D1D yes to tweet" on Twitter and my system will opt you in. If I don't get your permission within 7 days, I'll strip your tweets out of the stream and proceed without (I'll be DMing any stragglers in a few days).

Incidentally, the tweets in this book don't include RTs. When I had those in, the book went from 420 pages to well over 650. Twitter was a STORM last week, wasn't it?

Last Words

I know it seems a bit strange to sell a book with known errors in it, but in this case, I think it's more important to have a complete picture than a finished product. This is like the CD you buy after the concert... the live recording of what you saw, not the studio version of the same songs. There are faults and flaws and little surprises, but that's what makes it worthwhile.

I'll have the order page and all the kinks worked out in a few days, but for now, just mull it over. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see, and I'll try and squeeze it in. It's taking a huge amount of effort to format it all, but it'll be great when it's done.

All content released under a Creative Commons BY-NC license except the contents of "TV" section, which belong to their respective owners.