WIP: Wobble

MCMWednesday, January 17, 2018

Here’s a little bit of my WIP Wobble, which is best described as a YA dystopian novel where the adults are angsty, and the protagonist is sharp as broken glass. More news about this soon, I hope.

he rolled onto her back, desperate fingers scrambling into her too-big pocket, fishing around for the smooth edge of the data disc until she snatched it out, turning it over and around—

“Results?” asked Dom, from the other side, voice a little squeaky from the sudden let-down, and trying not to let it show.

The circle came alive, updated, and… and Khesi’s face dropped.

“Close the hole,” she gasped.

“What? How’s—”

“Cat-9,” she said, reaching for the boulder to the side of the rabbit hole. Her fingers slipped on the first pull and she yelped, grabbed again, pulling as hard as she could. “Close it, Dom! Now!”

His face was still right there. “Khesi, I—”

She rolled the boulder over the hole, called down: “Sorry!”

An ear-splitting wail cut through the air as the storm sirens kicked in, and Khesi looked out, pivotside, to see the beautiful purple sky rolled over with clouds as dark as slate; electricity crackled, and a rumbling so deep it drowned out everything but the pounding of her heart. The horizon was a blur, like the sky and the ground were blending into each other, like something was cutting into the grass with such force that it was flying back into the air and getting cut apart and strewn around and—

She gasped. “Oh paq.”

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