Programming Note: Bytown Switch

MCMSaturday, May 2, 2020

For all those following along with Bytown at the moment, a word of warning: due to some feedback from readers (and checking analytics etc), I am going to be switching to a monthly release schedule instead of M/W/F. It seems like most people only read once a week anyway (and then binge) so it probably won't matter to most of you.

The other factor, of course, is that it gives me more time to prepare for things, because (as always) I am falling behind. Not dangerously behind, but enough that not having to spend hours out of every week preparing to release chapters is a huge bonus.

I still intend to get E3 out in good time this month, but from now on expect episode drops around the 15th of the month (around 2 weeks from now).

I can't wait to do the post-mortem on this sucker. It's going to be full of charts and mind-numbing stats. Whee!

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