Arkady and Kain Ten Years Old

MCMMonday, May 15, 2006

Wow, time really flies. It's been a very long ten years since we premiered A&K; to a very tiny group of people. I meant to spend my May "other" time re-writing the script properly, but I guess I shoulda written it down somewhere. Yeep. Aside from the venerable Gups, I haven't kept in touch with anyone that was involved in that movie. So on this otherwise-unimportant anniversary, I want to deliver a fantastically big thank you to Ben Clost, Mindy Rocque, Blake Hargreaves, Sarah Tombler, CJ Schneider, Christie Watson, Robin Cunningham, Kenneth "Dave" Leavitt and the rest of the musicians and crew that made the beast come to life. If any of you come across this post in the future, this is me saying hi in the least interactive way possible.

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